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What sets us apart

Here at Foliage Fanatic, we love plants!


I started collecting tropical plants as a hobby which swiftly turned into a love for the wild and wonderful world of aroids. I then took my new found obsession to social media and quickly gained a substantial following after regularly posting pictures of my ever-changing collection of rare, beautiful and difficult to source plants.


I soon realised the difficulties people faced when trying to acquire these types of plants after tons of requests to help with sourcing them and made it my personal mission to find a way to make this hobby more accessible to everyone. 


Here at Foliage Fanatic we spend copious amounts of time sourcing and acquiring tropical plants from different regions across the globe and want to offer you the opportunity to own some rare and difficult to source plant gems to add to your collection. 


Even after your purchase we love to hear from you and are always happy to offer guidance on the care and maintenance of your new additions.

Zahir Khan.